You will know the names of many of our clients but we sign NDAs so that we can work openly together

Please see our portfolio page to find out more about our NDAs and get an idea of our work.

Long/Short Manager

“Working with Material Difference has been a delight and a thoroughly positive experience.  Even when they showed us the error of our ways with USP bingo.”

Long/Short ManagerOn our game USP bingo
Systematic Manager

“Material Difference have done for us just that – they have made a material difference to our proposition transforming our vague and somewhat haphazard ideas into a clear and precise message underpinned by a solid marketing regimen.”

Systematic ManagerOn us overall
Large Asset Manager

“It is much more thorough than I expected.  Thank you very much.  All the points were valid and we have a lot to work with.”

Large Asset ManagerOn our USP report
Macro Manager

“We have executed a number of your recommendations and are seeing the results already.  Investors are following up and we have four second meetings booked.”

Macro ManagerOn our pitching training
Systematic Manager

“They developed our business brand and image from scratch through a combination of skill and knowledgeable expertise while teasing out of us and out of our investment strategy the main attributes, both conceptual and physical, creatively translating these into a successful marketing proposition.”

Systematic ManagerOn our branding work
Event Driven Manager

“Their knowledge and understanding of the market has helped us shape the communication of our investment strategy.  Not only have they given us a set of excellent documents they have shared their expertise across a diverse range of investor related feedback. I highly recommend them.”

Event Driven ManagerOn our expertise
Activist Manager

“Excellent job on the presentation which is really very good ”

Activist ManagerOn our first draft of a new presentation
Quant Manager

“He knows of my positive experience with you and saw the great results, so he asked for a reconnection”

Quant ManagerOn being approached about our work
Emerging Markets Manager

“Material Difference managed to translate our ideas into easily understandable nuggets. Our communication with investors is much clearer and easier.  Material Difference has saved us a lot of time.”

Emerging Markets ManagerOn our final presentation documents
Systematic Manager

“The electronic presentation worked really well… and a telling fact was that at the end of the meeting, a number of the attendees gathered around us to ask more questions.”

Systematic ManagerOn preparation for a roundtable event
Emerging Markets Manager

“Punchy, but accurate advice as always.”

Emerging Markets ManagerOn our presentation feedback

We have loads more but you get the point…

We won an award!

UK Consultancy Firm of the Year – Client Service