The USP Package

Defining your USPs is essential to asset raising.  Without clear and demonstrable Unique Selling Points you make it difficult for investors to give you money.

We work with you to develop your USPs and streamline your communication with your clients. It is the core of what we do and our Unique Selling Point!

What happens?

We spend a good few hours with you and some of your team.  We ask you to talk us through a meeting you would have with a prospective investor and quiz you in a similar manner.  We are guided by our years of experience selling and investing in hedge funds.

When we’re back in our office we read everything again and again and again. We will be debating your strengths and arguing about your USPs.  We are likely to need a follow up call to clarify some of our misunderstandings and then we will write our report.

The report covers everything we have discussed.   We look at where you’re doing well and how to capitalise on those strengths.  Equally, we highlight areas that don’t shine and give suggestions for improvement.  We will send you our report prior to the final meeting.

In the final meeting we go over the report and present our USP findings. It’s an excellent opportunity to dig in and get as much information out of us as possible. We love discussing our work and yours.  (There will probably be one argument and at least one high five moment!)

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