30 second revolutions

A few quick tips that will make a huge difference. It’s a work in progress.

  • Book a professional photographer

    The evidence is now overwhelming.  You have to get a good photo of yourself for your website, LinkedIn profile and presentation.  It’s galling and dreadful but it’s true.  It has both practical and emotional benefits.  Practically, Investors see a lot of funds, they are more likely to remember you and your fund if you include your photo.  Equally, it helps foster an emotional connection that is re-enforced every time your face pops up again.  That means you’ve got to smile and not look  too much like a nutter.  No snaps from your holiday or a wedding.  You need a proper profile picture.  (One of our clients said that the photo of Lucy makes her look possessed, but it’s the best we could get of her!)

  • Have you checked your website’s analytics lately?

    Check your website’s analytics and see which pages people are visiting – then check the information on those pages is up to date! (Lots of the time it isn’t, so potential investors are getting the wrong impression).

  • Compare your fund returns across your literature...

    You’d be surprised how many funds don’t have the same track record across all their documents – be it because some is simulated or they’re tracking different share classes.  Check Bloomberg, your website, your newsletters, presentations, databases and teasers.  Getting it wrong just confuses investors.

  • Contact details

    Put your contact details on everything.  Your website, your email footer, your reply email footer, your newsletter, teaser and presentation.  Imagine if you missed having a meeting with an investor because they couldn’t find your contact details.  What a waste.

  • When was the last time you checked the information about your fund on databases?

    A lot of the funds on the databases have the right performance but the wrong contact information (and wrong individual) and old strategy descriptions.  Considering investors often use the databases for first screening you’re missing an important marketing tool.  Make sure it’s up to date and attractive!  ‘European L/S equity with a macro overlay’ is NOT a good enough description – see our ‘hedge fund cliches‘ for examples of what NOT to do.

  • Have you got the following information on your newsletter?

    As much as your newsletter is an update for existing investors it is still a sales document for prospective investors. Ignoring its use as a sales tool is doing your asset raising a disservice.

    Contact details

    AUM (fund and firm)

    Track record


    Unique Selling Points

  • Phone numbers

    Everyone uses their smart phones for work.  That means that you have to put your phone number in a format that smartphones can pick up.  Obviously, you’ve got to put the ‘+’ sign and country code before the number but don’t put any other extra stuff.  No ‘(0)’, no ‘-’ none of those ‘|’.  Check you emails and website, change your business cards and all your marketing materials (they also look at them on their smartphones and tablets).