So if these aren’t any good, what on earth should you have instead?

If you have three of the cliches you need help with our USP package.

Hedge Fund Bingo

We regularly see all of these phrases in marketing presentations.  These are useless, space filling, nothing phrases.  They are the most basic level of information that qualifies you as a hedge fund.

They don’t make you special or attractive to investors and they don’t make them invest.

A proven track record

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide long term capital growth through investment in shares of xxxx companies.

Combined experience of xxxx years

Aims to outperform in all market conditions

Fund combining fundamental bottom-up and top-down analysis

The emphasis of the fund is on identifying undervalued situations

Focus on alpha generation

Specialist investment team

Focuses on capital preservation

Bottom up fundamental analysis

Employs proactive risk management

Seeks to harness market inefficiencies

Employs integrated risk management

The fund exploits mispricing opportunities

highly favourable climate

Highly skilled and experienced team

Blue chip service providers

Intense monitoring of risk

Aims to generate high levels of absolute returns

The fund has a bottom up stock picking approach based on fundamental analysis

Excellent risk adjusted returns

The fund focuses on identifying macro-themes

Aims to generate equity-like absolute returns

Managers are invested in the fund

employing disciplined and consistent research procedures

The principle investment objective of the fund is to provide purchasers with strong capital growth over the long term

aims to generate high returns from a broadly diversified portfolio

The fund aims to capture market upside and long-term capital appreciation

The investment strategy of the fund is targeted to taking advantage of undervaluations of individual stocks on the international markets

The fund aims to typically deliver absolute returns in each year, although an absolute return performance is not guaranteed.