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Nisrin Metcalfe-Zerekli

Nisrin started her career in the hedge fund industry at Tremont Capital Management in January 2000. She was responsible for researching and gathering information on an extensive range of global alternative funds to list on The TASS hedge funds Database.

Nisrin joined Liability Solutions Ltd in June 2002 and worked alongside the director of research on qualitative and quantitative analysis of hedge funds. She also put together research reports on funds represented by the firm. In 2004. Nisrin was involved in setting up the consultancy side of the business. She helped family offices and institutions evaluating and selecting hedge funds to meet their objective and asset allocation requirements. Nisrin briefly had a sales and marketing role and she successfully promoted and raised capital for a number of hedge funds represented by the firm.

Nisrin joined Fund Advisors (UK) Ltd in May 2006 as an Associate Director. She was instrumental in setting up a new hedge fund. Nisrin also planned and executed the marketing strategy; she was responsible for producing all marketing materials and raising capital. She established and maintained relationships with a wide range of service providers and had the sole responsibility of the fund’s operational management.

At Fund Advisors, Nisrin was responsible for establishing relationships with other family offices with similar profile for exchange of expertise or new advisory accounts and dealt with investor relations queries mainly high net worth and family offices. Nisrin sourced and researched potential investment products for the clients’ portfolios including hedge funds, private equity and direct investment deals.

Nisrin set up Material Difference with Lucy in July 2010.

Nisrin is a fully trained architect and holds a BA in Architecture. She graduated with an MSc in Virtual Environments from the Bartlett School of Built Environments, University College London.

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