We are so excited that we finally got round to writing a newsletter.  So excited we’ve managed to write four!

  • October 2013

    Examples.  The best way to bring your pitch to life but often done really badly.  We explore the three key areas that examples make a difference and how to best use them to your advantage.  it’s here.

  • August 2013

    Phone etiquette for asset raising.  The mistakes we all make and the feedback from real investors (gulp).  Brace yourself, it’s here.

  • July 2013

    Our second letter, we’re getting going… The lessons that supermarkets can teach us about selling hedge funds. They spend millions on monitoring our buying patterns and the choices we make. It’s about time we leveraged their expertise. Get it here.

  • June 2013

    Our first letter. It’s short and funny.  We get more serious later. It’s here.