Practical marketing packages to help you raise assets

Investors have a large array of funds to choose from and more boxes to tick before they can invest. Hence they need more communication, more transparency and more tailoring. Our skills fill that void: We make sure you tick more boxes than your competitors and that you stand out from the crowd.

We each have over thirteen years’ experience, covering research and marketing on both the buy-side and the sell-side. Our skill set is unique in the industry and perfectly placed to make the difference to your marketing effort.

We can help you decide who to approach, how to approach them and what to say when you’re there. You might be missing some strong selling points that our external, fresh eyes can pick up. We are direct and impartial.

Unique Selling Points package and feedback report

Differentiating your fund from its peers. Not just ticking the same boxes but answering the questions; Why this fund? Why now? Includes a feedback report on all the areas that needs to be clarified for investors.

Brand reivew

What messages are you sending? Are you losing out because you aren’t standing out? reviewing your brand, inside and out.

Key presentation materials—an overview

Feedback on your documents. Do you have the right focus? Are you sending the right messages? Getting your documents to do the hard work for you.

Key pitch document

Putting together your key pitch document to highlight your unique selling points and answer investor requirements. Includes: Design, layout, diagrams, charts and contents.

Identifying your target market

What type of investor will be most interested in your fund, when and how much?

Building a marketing strategy and an efficient sales process

Building your realistic pipeline. Save time and reduce frustration by having a sales process that works with your potential investors. Knowing what to expect and how to precipitate the next step.

Passive marketing

How to get investors to contact you. Using all the effective tools that make your fund stand out. Getting the highest impact from the minimum outlay of time and money.

Peer group report

Which funds are you up against and how are they doing? To stand out you need to know where investors are looking.

Presenting hedge funds for long only managers

Communicating your strategy to the sophisticated investor. Making sure they take away the right information.

The hedge fund investor for long only sales people

Demystifying the hedge fund lexicon. Two day course covering hedge fund investors, what they expect from sales people and what information they need to give you an investment.

Preparing for presentation at conferences and round table meetings

Pitching at conferences and brief one-to-one meetings has different dynamics to lengthy one-on-one private meetings. We can help you make the perfect pitch (verbal and written)

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