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Lucy Meiland

Lucy has raised in excess of $3.2bn and marketed almost every hedge fund strategy from stat arb (Asia ex Japan!) to European deep value credit. She’s worked with start-ups and long established firms and throughout the entire fund lifecycle. However, her start in the hedge fund industry wasn’t so illustrious…

Lucy got her first job at a hedge fund to pay for a trip to Thailand. She interned in 1999 doing, “I don’t know, something about hedges but not topiary.’  She surprised herself by liking it and didn’t make it to Thailand that summer.  After she finished university Lucy moved to Trafalgar Asset Managers where she eventually became head of sales and marketing and raised in excess of $500m whilst turning away a further $300m.

Lucy was poached in 2004 to head up the sales and marketing for the hedge funds on Ermitage’s seeding platform.  The role was the inspiration for Material Difference and Lucy’s first exposure to a wide variety of funds and their materials. The funds on the platform grew by over $1bn during Lucy’s tenure.  In 2006 Lucy moved to Threadneedle as a Hedge Fund Sales Director where she raised $1.8bn of new investment and managed the top five key accounts for the firm (2007 was a big year!).  In 2008 Lucy was headhunted to Elgin where she was Head of Sales and Marketing.

In 2010 Lucy eventually went to Thailand before she started Material Difference with Nisrin.

Lucy Studied Molecular Genetics at King’s College and Science Communication at University College London.

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